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Cross-post from the Tailor thread.   This is my MTM suit and an OTR Havana jacket that I purchased the day I picked up the suit. Let me know what you guys think:                    
  Thank you very much. I have one more question. Today I put on a tie and tried on the first jacket again (the MTM one). I noticed a pretty big collar gap. This is bad, right?          
Gentlemen, after the failed attempt with Indochino, I went to Suitsupply and tried their MTM program. This is the outcome. Can I get your inputs please? Thanks in advance.                 This is an OTR jacket also from Suitsupply:                 Last and probably the worst-fitting is an OTR Brooks Brothers jacket. I think the shoulder is more sloped than mine shoulder (forgive my lack of technical terms) Is...
Heads up, selected models are 50% off at the Soho Barbour store in NYC. They still have the 30% off some models also. Beaufort is not included though.
Holy molly, I am in lol. I'm in need of a whole cut :D 
Guys, for those that have the Amok, do you put shoes trees in them? The boot is unlined so I'm not sure if it's needed.   Any tip to get rid of the squeaking on the Dalton?
  Thank you, regarding the shirt. The sleeves and the tight hip are the only obvious issues? If so, I they they can be fixed pretty easily by my tailor. I'm trying to build a model shirt so I can take measurements of it and give it to The shirt pictured hasn't been washed yet.   I'm not sure what to do with the J Crew's jacket. There's just something off about it. It's certainly not tight. The open of the vent in the back is probably because I had just...
Tailors, could you please comment on my shirt and sport coat?   I recently commissioned a local tailor to build the shirt. The SC is a J Crew.   Many thanks.                  
I can confirm that the factory second sale (50 off 1st pair, 100 of 2nd pair) is still on. Just scored a 1st quality Amok and a 2nd Walnut Dalton.
Thanks Terrorsquad, so I guess I should go ahead and pay?
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