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With free return I would go ahead and order right away. Now that a few blogs have started posting about the SS outlet, I expect the stock to be picked clean really soon.
I went on SF on a Sunday night just browsing through my favorite threads and ended up loading my CC bills with a bunch of suits from the SS outlet. You guys are killing me :)   In all seriousness, thx for the headsup
Thank you!
First time posting  
Didn't get a chance to take proper pictures of my Granada until now. They are super comfy  
Mine definitely doesn't crease as much  
Thanks for the kind words :)
I know. I feel like I'm letting my babies go here ;)
That's a bespoke pair :D
 Stunning. I'm looking to order my first Vass and this is making my decision to spend easier and easier. Would you say the U last is the most popular last?
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