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Are these time line for MTO or RTW?
 This looks just like mine, except mine is dark brown grained calf & suede. Nice choice :)
Price includes domestic US shipping.   Both pair are brand new and will come with original boxes and shoes bags. Both have flushed metal toe taps ($40 value) installed by VIP Shoes Repair in NYC.   Local NYC pickup is welcome (I will subtract shipping from prices of course).   Buy both and get a discount also.   Feel free to ask me any question.   Cheers.     Tags: CJ, C&J, Crockett & Jones, balmoral
Gentlemen, I just got this pair of Red Wings Pebble Leather from BB:,default,pd.html?dwvar_MH00365_Color=DKBR&contentpos=14&cgid=   How should I take care of the boots? Should I use reno and polish like I do for my calfskin?
I passed by today and got the same bag. Incredible deal. 
I'm a 6.5D in Park Ave. In my experience, C&J UK sizing = US size - 1
Just scored another suit. They added some new ones today:
My doorman literally demanded a vacation today after he received all my SS boxes LOL. Now I have a dilemma, I had only intended to keep half of what I ordered but now that I received them, I love them all  . they all look great. I guess I'll bring all to my tailor and let him make the call. 
It's best to bring it to your tailor. Only he knows how much can be let out.
Just placed another order. Somebody please save me. By the way, I have to reset my password everytime I revisit the site. Does anyone have the same issue?
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