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 I think that's a pretty good deal. I paid much closer to retail, and still am happy with mine.
I got a 14 and a 15 in tan...gonna return one.  Just don't know which.  I've got 14B/14D/15D from them, over time and in different styles and differing degrees of perfection.  So I'm hoping one of these fits.  
I'm loving the six pairs of AE I own--but they're all shoes.  I'm looking in the clearance section and trying to decide between the bitter chocolate and lighter tan Amok chukka. I'd likely be wearing them with jeans more than anything else, and I'm feeling a little clueless about which color would serve better.  Thoughts?
I'm "TheBoy."  I'm an under-thirty attorney living in a bit of a backwater.  I managed to get started with lower-end (Jos. A. Bank mostly) suits--and got ahead of myself, buying patterns (bold and subtle) before flat colors (save for a now-destroyed through age medium gray).  My involvement here may be slow-starting.  
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