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I believe he's referring to the actual content of the tag and the product code. That's definitely a 2011 or earlier design.
Anyone ever have any luck shrinking heavy cotton pods? I just got a pair from '14 in an XS and they're still a little big on me - the waist has to be cinched pretty tight to stay on and this causes them to fold up around my hips quite a lot. Obviously they are supposed to be oversized but I think a tiny bit of shrinkage would make them much more functional.
I didn't get any shrinking when I washed mine. Maybe about .5" in the waist, but that was just back down to their original size.
My 0702s are somewhere between 8 and 9 months now. They've had one lukewarm soak with woolite and very little agitation.     I've been experimenting with darning on a regular home machine, the first attempt I made the mistake of using a white thread underneath:       The second time I did it went a lot better, But still doesn't blend as well as a professional job:     And as a bonus, My phone case:    
Not to start a communal dick-measuring contest through temperature, but I live in Arizona... so it was around 110 when I started wearing mine.
I used a cross stitch with black thread because I couldn't find a peach to match. I'm not sure if it prevented anything but it made me feel safer I guess.
I'm not so sure of that. These are the loosest jeans I own and also the ones with the most progress, but I also have a lot of skinny fitting jeans. My skinny guy naked and famous and my sized down skin-tight unbrandeds also show all the same sort of creases though: spread out combs (non-parallel), the whiskers running down from the entire seam, etc.  Aside from a few basic ground rules I really don't think you can say pinpoint a specific fit or way of wearing that can...
Already having a crotch blow-out after such a short time? that's unfortunate Chorizo! The pink thread unraveling thing scared me at first but it's nothing to worry about; Nothing has happened to mine in 8 months. If you look at the inside of the cuff you can see there's actually a double thread running up the inside of the leg, so it's held on pretty securely. I did get a very small crotch blowout on my jeans recently but I was able to figure out how to darn with...
I live on a college campus, so I pretty much bike everywhere, at least a few miles a day. It's also 110+ degrees here in the summer so the sweat probably does something. Other than that though I just sit at a desk.
Will do! I wanted to go a full nine months but the crotch is looking a little bare and they might finally be starting to smell a little funny. Looks like I'll be cutting it short at 7 1/2.
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