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I didn't get any shrinking when I washed mine. Maybe about .5" in the waist, but that was just back down to their original size.
My 0702s are somewhere between 8 and 9 months now. They've had one lukewarm soak with woolite and very little agitation.     I've been experimenting with darning on a regular home machine, the first attempt I made the mistake of using a white thread underneath:       The second time I did it went a lot better, But still doesn't blend as well as a professional job:     And as a bonus, My phone case:    
Not to start a communal dick-measuring contest through temperature, but I live in Arizona... so it was around 110 when I started wearing mine.
I used a cross stitch with black thread because I couldn't find a peach to match. I'm not sure if it prevented anything but it made me feel safer I guess.
I'm not so sure of that. These are the loosest jeans I own and also the ones with the most progress, but I also have a lot of skinny fitting jeans. My skinny guy naked and famous and my sized down skin-tight unbrandeds also show all the same sort of creases though: spread out combs (non-parallel), the whiskers running down from the entire seam, etc.  Aside from a few basic ground rules I really don't think you can say pinpoint a specific fit or way of wearing that can...
Already having a crotch blow-out after such a short time? that's unfortunate Chorizo! The pink thread unraveling thing scared me at first but it's nothing to worry about; Nothing has happened to mine in 8 months. If you look at the inside of the cuff you can see there's actually a double thread running up the inside of the leg, so it's held on pretty securely. I did get a very small crotch blowout on my jeans recently but I was able to figure out how to darn with...
I live on a college campus, so I pretty much bike everywhere, at least a few miles a day. It's also 110+ degrees here in the summer so the sweat probably does something. Other than that though I just sit at a desk.
Will do! I wanted to go a full nine months but the crotch is looking a little bare and they might finally be starting to smell a little funny. Looks like I'll be cutting it short at 7 1/2.
I was heading over to this thread to post a picture of my evo when I realized someone had beat me to it! I wish I could have joined this contest but I had a bit too much wear in them by the time I heard about it. They're probably going to get their first wash this weekend. And as for the belt being so clean, it was because that was the first day I had ever worn that belt. Getting a few more indigo stains now!
"Too skinny" All depends on your personal preference for fit and how well it matches the rest of your style. They fit how they supposed to so if skinny is what you're looking for that's the right cut. I would say they're fine, as you are a slim person and can pull off the tight fitting look.  Those look a wee bit too broken in to return at this point. Already got some solid combs going on there.
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