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I like the big 'ol tongue! It's so perfectly Ricky. Oversized is his thing, and the geobasket silhouette flows so well with that. If you want a less bulky pair, look for short tongue geos (released in '12 and '09) - personally I don't think they work as well with full Rick, but they are better in more casual fits.
It's just that one season of shoes really. Every season pre-plinth used regular sized Raccagnis (pic related), which don't look much different from the new YKK zips. The biggest difference without looking at the logo is the rounder shape of the Raccs and the notch in the pull tab.
Do you have any pictures of Rick items with RiRi zips? As far as I'm aware, he was strictly Raccagni up until around Plinth (with the massive Racc zips) and then switched over to mostly YKK on footwear and Racc on some DRKSHDW jackets. I heard that some mainline jackets from Mastodon had Racc again, but I've never heard of Rick & RiRi together.  
They're definitely from '16. I'm not sure exactly what the letter indicates, as my Faun baskets say U 15. The easiest way is to look at the label on the barcode, which gives full information - top left of this one you can see RU15S.... Which indicates men's mainline 2015 SS. Mastodon will be _U16F Also, riri zips?? This is the first time I've heard of Rick using those. That would be incredible.
I believe he's referring to the actual content of the tag and the product code. That's definitely a 2011 or earlier design.
Anyone ever have any luck shrinking heavy cotton pods? I just got a pair from '14 in an XS and they're still a little big on me - the waist has to be cinched pretty tight to stay on and this causes them to fold up around my hips quite a lot. Obviously they are supposed to be oversized but I think a tiny bit of shrinkage would make them much more functional.
I didn't get any shrinking when I washed mine. Maybe about .5" in the waist, but that was just back down to their original size.
My 0702s are somewhere between 8 and 9 months now. They've had one lukewarm soak with woolite and very little agitation.     I've been experimenting with darning on a regular home machine, the first attempt I made the mistake of using a white thread underneath:       The second time I did it went a lot better, But still doesn't blend as well as a professional job:     And as a bonus, My phone case:    
Not to start a communal dick-measuring contest through temperature, but I live in Arizona... so it was around 110 when I started wearing mine.
I used a cross stitch with black thread because I couldn't find a peach to match. I'm not sure if it prevented anything but it made me feel safer I guess.
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