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Quote: Originally Posted by razl No, no, no - you're doing it wrong. You've gotta time it so that everything goes down with the swirl already in motion. I'm talking a simultaneous, seamless drop into an already swirling flush. You'll know it when you do it right - there's no "ploop". Timing is everything, if you miss that swirl you gotta abort and wait for the next fill-up, or you've just screwed up the time-space continuum. Ahhhh, my SF...
Go blue suit.
Double flush to get rid of odor. Fluch once immediately after crapping. Then flush again once finished wiping and relaxing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman There are also Stock, Maraska, and Bols. I could help you if you are interested in Boston, NYC, or Philadelphia. This is incredibly disgusting, and a waste of good spirits. BTW, Pio, Chatreuse is 110pf, so I'm sure it will ignite. ~H It is not amazing but leaves a fascinating after taste... Yes, it does light.
The Flaming Eyeball. 3 part green chartreuse, 1 part Drambuie in a shot glass. Drop in a small green olive and light that puppy up. Extinguish flames and go for it - doesn't actually taste that good...
Quote: Originally Posted by Frodo You will include PHOTOGRAPHS with this suit critique, I trust? Noone actually believes MT makes suits. I can get photos of bigfoot easier than I can one of their suits. +1 - would love to check out an MT suit...
If you walk past a fruit & veg grocer grab an apple and/or banana and stay hydrated. Other than that you can only work with the food available at restaurants that you may or may not have any choice in going to - so I say relax and don't get bogged down counting calories.
condensed milk iced coffee. every day.
Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur Explain funding to me. As far as I know, all of the programs in the fields that I am looking at are tuition waiver + fellowship + stipend. That sounds right to me - not sure if there are better scenarios than that out their in the fields you are pursuing... Anybody else????
Quote: Originally Posted by imschatz If you can get into a good school .. with good funding .. go for it. +1 on the funding factor. That needs to be carefully taken into account.
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