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Just a tip, given the nature of how Aldo shoes go on sale after few months, these could probably be purchased brand new for about the same price as yours. Take a loss and get rid of them dirt cheap or you probably wouldn't be able to sell them at all.
I have a John Varvatos Collection military shirt jacket for sale. Originally purchased in 2009 for more than $1,000 after taxes at Holt Renfrew and wore it the first few seasons but has been sitting in my closet for the last 2 years, since it just doesn't fit me anymore. Handwashed a couple times as per instructions and has minor discoloration on the inner collar (not seen when you wear it). Otherwise, it's in excellent condition. I finally decided to let it go. Model:...
Someone should jump on this one. Before I moved onto Leica, this was my go-to portrait lens and it was sharp as hell with nice bokeh. Very underrated.
Measurements by any chance? Thanks.
Are these as dark as they are in the photos? Tempting but they look almost as dark as my 8138s (mink-oiled twice). Thanks.
Measurements pls?
Exactly. I too sent him a payment for a suit he was selling almost a month ago and will file a complaint/reverse-payment-request to Paypal. I don't even know where this prick is located.   Classified: Paul Smith 36R staple plain navy Byard suit
No response whatsoever after receiving the payment and no suit delivered.  
Do you have measurements for the "Expedition" jacket? Thanks.
PM sent!
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