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  Thanks for the replies. Yes, I was thinking 70's lapels and flares!
G'day   Could someone please tell me how much style/fashion changes year to year? If I was to buy a good suit this year how long would it be until it looked dated?   Cheers
No, if I was I wouldn't have to get tidied up to find women LMAO
It was the aftershave & cologne I was asking about, but thank you your post has given some much needed direction.
Greetings all.   As a newbie in all things style I need some help. I read that after I shave I need to use an aftershave (also a newbie in shaving at 42 years). Does the aftershave have to be the same brand as my cologne? And wouldn't having aftershave/deodorant/cologne  be way over the top and overpower each other? And what deodorant is good? Is the stuff from the supermarket suitable or, again, do I match it with a cologne? And what about powders (talcs etc) do I...
G'day   I'm a 40 something bloke from a small town in Western Australia who, for the first time since I was a teenager, has found myself single. In an attempt to get laid meet nice respectable ladies I've embarked on a style program. I've recently invested in an electric shaver, cut my Jesus beard down to a manicured, short beard (still deciding on what to finish with), ordered 2 colognes (never even worn one before) and I'm slowly buying some shirts with collars....
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