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Hey, I'll promote a good deal anytime, just in case someone is in the market!  Unfortunately we did not like the vests & ties that JAB had to offer, so we are going to a custom clothier in Philly to have them made for our tuxedos. When all is said and done, there are several buying options out there for everone's needs.  It is unrealistic to expect one store to be all things to all people. 
  I needed a suit in a hurry for a wedding.  We went to the local JAB, but they didn't have a suit I liked in my size, and not enough time to special order.  We went to the local outlet that had a JAB, Brooks Brothers, Calvin Kline, and several other men's stores.  To my shock, JAB had a very large selection in all sizes, far more than the others.  Walked out with a $800 suit for under $200, including a shirt and 2 ties.  Felt llike we stole it!  Tailoring wasn't...
Thanks!  BTW, I didn't mean which person would you admire, but rather, which suit ! 
Traveler vs. Signature Tux? In my opinion the Traveler looks more like the traditional tux with great contrast between jacket and lapel, where the Signature has an overall "shiney" finish, with little distinction between jacket & lapel,giving it more of a traditional suit appearance.  The Signature shine makes the color appear to be a deep grey when placed next to the Traveler which appears solid black.  The Signature fabric weight is lighter making the overall feel to...
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