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 Sorry, I didn't get a good look at the tag... found it in a consignment store. Its feels very solidly constructed from some heavy material. At first touch, it feels like wool.  I am slightly leaning towards doing this, haha. I like my clothes a little stiff, and the waxed cotton effect looks very good. Thanks, both of you, for the input!
In NYC here and am trying to decide between 2 jackets. The first is a black wool coat from Hugo Boss with a slanted zip enclosure rather than buttons. I am not sure what the name of the coat is. The other is a black waxed cotton jacket from Billy Reid, the Quail Jacket. Both are about ~$250, high enough to discourage me from purchasing both.    My main concern is utility. Im not sure how much longer it will be cold in NYC, but I feel that the wool coat will hold up...
Brand new out-of-the-box with tags. Brooks Brothers, Black Fleece Tattersall Sport shirt size BB2. Never worn before.   Retail $195. Asking $110 $95, CONUS shipping included in the price. Open to discussing other shipping arrangements.   The piece was purchased for me as a birthday gift. I really enjoy the style, but unfortunately I wear a BB1 so the shirt is a size too big for me...   Style Notes: 100% Cotton, White Long-sleeve button-front...
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