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Lookin' for an unconstructed sportcoat for fall, preferably in wool or tweed, for ~200 or less. Was considering this but I'm assuming its SS.
Looking for an N3B styled jacket. Saw this on sale on ASOS, a site I never check.  
Did anyone actually order the new J Crew Chippewas with the 25% off coupon? The coupon doesn't seem to be working for me, I think these boots might not be eligible. Edit: Should've more thoroughly read this page. Anyway, bl@ster, have you gotten all of your boots from the new line via Zappos or is there another retailer I'm unaware of?   Edit 2: Emailed Chippewa asking about the boots from Zappos and they said they are part of an exclusive line for Zappos. Not sure...
Yeah I just realized some subtle differences, like the J Crew boots have speed eyelets. Should I take that to mean that they aren't part of the new Heritage line?
Can anyone confirm if these are the Cordovan color? J Crew lists them as "Chippewa Brown", but they look most similar to Cordovan as seen on Zappos:
Considering this for fall. I really don't own anything like it.
Dockers Alpha Khaki. I believe they retail for around 54 but can easily be had for 30-40.
thinking about picking up some of their printed oxfords. Anyone have any comments on those? My question is re: weight, are the uniqlo oxfords too heavy for hot summer weather?
Anyone have any experience with leather Barbours? Specifically Steve McQueens? Regarding fit and quality. Had a proxy pick up a Rosamond (like a leather International from the Steve McQ collection) at the Kittery store marked down to 250.
I think that hipster is such a buzzword that it can be defined relatively. I have a theory that everything in the realm of fashion has potential to be considered "hipster", but not everything in the realm of hipster is fashion. /shrug
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