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John Rich & Bros Arctic Anorak.    Ideally I'd go for the Arctic Parka but it isn't on sale, this is. I can get it for 350 bucks as opposed to 600 retail.
New parka... Thinking of copping... Red or olive?
yeah they're probably a half-size too big for me. I'm normally a 13 and got a 13. They don't offer half-sizes past 11.
The new Katahdin's in Cordovan after 2 weeks of wear:   
 Yep, bl@ster I don't know if you remember me from the Chippewa thread but I was considering a pair of those Service boots. Got these instead and I love them. Like I said above, I'll post pictures soon. 
Just received a pair of the boots from LL Bean in Cordovan... Pictures coming tomorrow probably. I think I might be one of the first people to buy a pair. 
Can anyone who bought a printed chambray post pics?
I'll be keeping an eye on this thread as I'm keen to find an unstructured tweed sport coat in the next few months.
Hey guys, total noob to the thread here, so maybe this is common knowledge already. I'm from Maine so I pop into the LL Bean flagship store pretty often. Today in the shoe department, right above the standard Katahdin Iron Works Boots was a boot I'd never seen before. They looked like the standard boot but finished in a beautiful supple "Cordovan" (color only) leather. I asked about them and the employee said they were brand new to the store. I asked if they were exclusive...
I know it's UO, but here. I'm thinking of getting this in green, but not sure if it's actually a good piece. 
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