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    Thanks guys.
Anyone's shell plain toe bluchers fit differently than their shell longwing bluchers? My plain toes on barrie feel significantly tighter in the vamp and toe box (but heel fits the same) than my longwings on barrie, even in the same color shell and in the same shipment received by the retailer from Alden. Just wondering if this is common or a fluke as I'm about to order another shell plain toe and would like to know if I should half-size up. 
Those look fantastic. I think pebble grain is underrated.
Thanks guys, much appreciated.
Hey guys, I have some excess wax built up on the vamp of my color 8 longwings which is preventing a proper shine. Any recommendations on how to remove it? I was going to try a damp cloth then Reno but was hoping some of the veterans could weigh in on their prefered technique. Apologies if this has been addressed previously. Thanks in advance.
Has styleforum recently optimized their site for mobile? Maybe my phone just now decided to cooperate...either way, this is luxurious.
Those are gorgeous, congrats man.
Anyone have the J. Crew Tobacco Plain Toe Boot? Thoughts on it?
  Ah I was too late, my size is gone. Congrats to those who got a pair.
Yes I'll give a shoe message board member's thoughts on my opinion of a proprietor's service a good long think.
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