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I just got my new standards hemmed and think I went a bit too short. They are a little more than a half inch from touching the floor behind my heel when I stand barefoot. Has anyone tried stretching them lengthwise? If so how did you stretch them and did you have any luck?   I'm a little nervous because I've read that they will shrink a half inch after washing or soaking. I haven't washed or soaked them yet and have only had them for a month.    Thanks.
    I use it on my Wolverine Addisons and it works well. I agree that it doesn't shine up but for those boots I'd prefer it not to. 
Has anyone sized down a full size on chromexcel boots on the barrie last (Roy boot, Leffot plain toe chromexcel boot, etc.) to account for stretching? If so, are you happy with them after they've broken in and stretched out?
  Welcome. These are the J. Crew color 8 shell cordovan cap toe boots.
      Thanks guys.   And thanks to those who shared similar experiences with initial hesitation to the perforated cap toe. Just as you did, I have warmed up to this aspect of the boot and am glad I got these.   This is a great forum.
Maiden voyage
  I did. I have a few other pairs of shell on the barrie, all bluchers, and all a half size down. I initially ordered the J. Crew 8 boot in the same size as my bluchers and they were tight. I then ordered my true size to compare the two and the latter fit much better. I returned the first order and have been happy with the true to size fit half way through the break-in method.
  I'm doing the same thing and expecting the larger size today. All of my shells have been shoes up until this point and fit fairly snug, so I figured I'd try a larger size in the boot to have the option of wearing thicker socks. I think someone posted a comment about shell warming up throughout the day which accommodates the initial tight feel. I agree with that and prefer the secure feel of a snug fit. I don't care for my feet sloshing around in the toe box...fingers...
All great points. Thanks guys.
I was initially averse to the brogueing on the J. Crew color 8 perforated cap toe boot but am trying to come around on them as I love the flat welt, closed heel, and Barrie last. Has anyone else been able to warm up to them after initially disliking that detail? Or should I just spend the extra $200 on a non-sale pair of the new LS boot or a straight cap toe boot and live with the 360 welt?
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