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[[SPOILER]]   Thanks everyone for the feedback and recommendations. The pictures I posted where taken after some Reno and Alden polish treatment (post scuff and deer bone) but I think I'll order some of the Saphir polish and try that. If anyone has used both the Alden and Saphir polishes and can comment on if they've seen a difference, I'd appreciate it. Thanks again for all your comments.   Alcibiades, big thanks for your super helpful post. Up until now I didn't realize...
I know I won't get much sympathy here but needed to vent. I have a modest shell collection, but of the 5 pairs I own I've had issues now with 4. Yesterday I scuffed my cigar plain toes. Not a big deal, I know that's going to happen. Today I woke up and began working on them, but after using a deer bone (lightly) and brushing, a second area which resembled the scuff appeared. See pictures below. The scuff on the left was caused by wearing and the circular one on the right...
  Jamie, is this boot on a single or double leather sole? It says double midsole...does that mean no sole? What's the difference between a boot with a double midsole and one with a single midsole + single leather sole?
Do the oils in deer bones taper off over time? I've had one for almost a year now and it doesn't seem to be as oily as when I bought it. I store it in the same tissue paper in which it was sent by the Hanger Project. Could the tissue paper be the problem? The paper has become very oily over time. Can someone who owns a deer bone post how they store theirs? Thanks.
  Thanks man. How does keeping them clean prevent crotch tears?
  Thanks man. Any opinion on the comfort of a leather sole vs. one of the low-profile vibrams?
Hey guys, I've never bought a pair of White's and am looking into the configuration I want. After reading this thread, I believe the photo below (not my boot, just found it in the thread) is the standard semi dress make up, which is actually very close to what I'd like.        Can anyone confirm that the boot above is the following make up and provide some insight on the aspects of which I'm unsure?   White's Semi Dress Boot -Upper: classic semi dress...
Thank you, but I actually wore these for a month before hemming to let them stretch out before taking them to the tailor. However I was under the impression that soaking them prior to 6 months of wearing would prevent me from getting good fades. Is that true or is washing the only thing I should wait to do? If I should have soaked them is it too late to do so after wearing them for almost 2 months? Obviously I'm new to raw denim...thanks in advance for your help.
Thanks for offering your help. Hear are some photos. Let me know what you guys think.
    Thank you
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