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Don L, these are so serious. So much character, they almost look burnished. You mind sharing the way you maintain these?  
  Maybe brown chromexcel?
  Second this, those are rad
Thanks brother
Bingham, can you share the exact way you ordered the sole, midsole and heel on this boot? It's exactly what I want on my first pair.    Awesome all-around build man.  
  I wear my toes fairly aggressively too and like the way my shoes look as a result. When they toe portion of the sole begins to tapers off I think it gives the toe a sleeker look. That said, I still use the break-in method so it looks natural instead of appearing as though it's been sanded down at a sharp angle. Not saying taps aren't a great option, just wanted to share my opinion.   Also, interesting to note that the bit of leather attached to the toe of my pair with...
Does anyone have an opinion/preference on the lower profile vibram soles, 269 vs. 430 vs. 700? Is one more comfortable? Are they all the same thickness? Does one have better traction?   Also, the build-a-boot site was a bit confusing with respect to the half slip. I think a half slip means that the vibram sole runs through the entire boot, from the toe all the way through to the back of the heel, but this seems counterintuitive as I would think this would be called a...
  So it's a double leather sole with no midsole? What the difference between a double leather sole and a single midsole + single sole?
Thanks very much. Your posts are always very helpful.
New Posts  All Forums: