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Thanks. But won't the PS be tighter around the knee, calves, and leg hole? I like the straight leg look and the rise of these but am just not sure if they're too big in the thighs. Also not sure if they will stretch at the hips even though they're not tight there now. Thanks for your help.
Here are some other pictures. I'm trying to get a little more breathing room for my junk but am not sure if they're too big. The waist fits perfectly right now but I'm going to always wear a belt so it won't stretch. I'm worried that the rest is too big and especially fearful that once they stretch ill get those wings on the sides of my hips. What do you guys think?Edit: these are new standards. I usually wear a 28 or 29 in pants and these are size 27. I think they might...
I would go color 8 longwing. I wear jeans most days and it works well with them. You can't go wrong with boots either. Good luck!
What do you guys think of this fit?
I really like Frans Boone as well
Thanks man, you're going to love them. I was on the fence about the brogued cap toe but after consulting the fine gentlemen on this board I decided to get out of my comfort zone a bit. Glad I did because I really like them and have warmed up to the brogueing. They're super versatile. I usually wear them with jeans but they're my go-to whenever I'm in herringbone. This is my first single-soled Alden and I can feel the difference after walking in the city all day, but not...
j crew boots today
Nice, thanks
Where are some cheap places to buy New Standards? I'd like to buy new and am not willing to wait for a sale, unless there's one going on now. Bummer that they've jumped up to $185 on most sites.
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