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Just adding onto this, B Nelson will replace the welt for $40 in addition to the cost of a resole.
Right, I've had the 26s for five months and they've stretched as much as they're going to. But there's only so much the rise will give, if any at all. That's why I'm trying to go up a size.
Exactly the reply I was looking for. Thanks for the post and your Leeds look great.
Your pictures always motivate me to wear my shell harder. I find myself checking weather forecasts and going through ridiculous little risk assessments before deciding to wear them. I'm making an effort to break the habit.I really wish I was into overshoes/galoshes. I know many, if not the majority, here like them. And this is not a knock on those guys. But for me it's like using one of those car bras. Yeah you're protecting the paint, but having a few bugs preserved on...
Totally agree, and in no way did I intend to question his credibility. I guess a better way to ask the question would've been has anyone had personal experience with this and can they speak to their individual results?
Thanks man. I'm 5'11" and would definitely hem these. I already have a pair one size smaller than the pair pictured but the rise is just not high enough to wear comfortably on a daily basis. That said, the smaller size I own fits perfectly everywhere else. With this pair I'm trying to get a little more breathing room without them looking sloppy.
Has anyone tried using navy wax on black shell? The hanger project claims the same logic as a midnight blue tuxedo...makes the black look more black in low light. The site also claims it gives the black a bit of depth in normal light. I have black and navy tuxedos and much prefer the navy as it looks richer at night, so I'm hoping there's some truth to the claim. If no one has experience with this I'll post some before and afters once I try...
Awesome, thanks.
I was in Alden DC last week and was looking at the unlined suede plaintoe bluchers on flex. I tried on the snuff and Kathy told me that color would lighten over time. She showed me a pair of insane snuff loafers she's had for several years that have faded to almost a tan. They were scuffed and banged up and were super rad. She wasn't sure if the dark brown would lighten too. Anyone have a pair and can comment? Ideally there would be a medium brown color, which I'm...
Can anyone with a semi dress with all eyelets let me know if you can get your foot in and out without having to remove the laces from the top one or two eyelets? I like the look of all eyelets better but would rather have the functionality of speed hooks if I had to re-lace the all eyelet boots everytime I put them on.
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