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Thoughts on lined vs. unlined semi-dress with the classic brown semi-dress leather?
Where'd you get these?
These look great. Which lasts?
  Thank you.   I don't own any light Aldens and am considering either a non-shell like the 966 or waiting to get on a ravello boot pre-order, which I know is highly unlikely.   I've never been into lighter shell but have read a few posts on here from guys who didn't understand all the hype until they owned a pair. Figured now would be the time to try to get a pair given all the rumors about shortages. And by now I mean in the next year or two.   With bright eyes and a...
Thanks man
Sorry for the annoyingly basic questions but what sizing do you guys recommend for the 201 tapered? And where is a good place to buy/order them in the US?   Thanks.
Is there anyone who has this build and can comment on it?   http://www.unionmadegoods.com/Alden_Wing_Tip_Blucher_in_Burnished_Tan_966_1860.html
Ah thank you! Been regretting my tacky Sun Tzu pun username since the day I joined this board.
Very nice, enjoy them
Best retailer I've dealt with.Worst retailer I've dealt with.
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