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Lot of great top 3s being posted.   Here's my humble submission: -Color 8 Longwing -Tassels Ravello Hunting Boot -Epaulet Milkshake Indy Boot
  Thanks guys, very helpful as always.
Thank you.
I'm in the process of breaking in a new pair of shell longwings on carpet and noticed something on the upper, near the welt, where my foot flexes. It looks like part of the shell has come off. No idea if this is the shell itself or some kind of layer that was put over the shell but that area is now dull and no longer has the shell luster that the rest of the shoe has. Has this happened to anyone else? If so, is it cause for concern? Did the problem area get larger as the...
I would keep the jumpers.
Thank you.
The leather insole piece that sits under my heal is beginning to come up. Does anyone have suggestions on what to use to fix it? I was going to pick up some super glue but wanted to check here first since you guys have been so helpful. Thanks.
Thank you very much.
Beautiful boots, enjoy them.
          Thanks for your help on these. I think once they get knocked around and start to patina I won't mind as much so I'm going to keep them. Plus I got them from Frans Boone, so after hearing from you guys that this isn't a huge variation in color it's not worth the cost to send back (I tried them on but have not yet worn them outside).   Great customer service from Frans Boone...wish I had known about the credit card fee and asking them to lower the value because I...
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