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"Cigar on dirty subway." 2013.
I don't even like loafers but those are really nice. Sorry man.
While I wouldn't care for the wait, I do appreciate companies that won't ship product unless it passes quality control. I wish Alden would follow suit.
Can anyone who owns a pair of dark brown suede comment on whether or not they lighten with age like snuff tends to do?
  Keep the Roy man, that boot is so rad
Does Meermin use cork in their footbeds? Can anyone comment on how comfortable they are compared to Aldens?
  Who is Spoo?
        Thanks guys, much appreciated.   BootSpell, after seeing your photo it looks like he's decided on the natural chromexcel boot but wasn't able to get his size. I guess waiting will give him the full Alden experience.     Shoe Mart     Thank you
Question for those who wear barrie last shoes sized down -.5 but the J. Crew captoe color 8 boot true to size: Have you found that other boots on the barrie last fit true to size as well or is the J. Crew boot the exception?   Also, I'm very close to dragging my brother into this mess as he's considering buying his first pair of Aldens. I'm more excited about his potential purchase than he is. He's deciding between the following:   - Natural chromexcel plain toe...
Thanks. What are the pros and cons of each?
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