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Does anyone know if you can get the close trim with double welt stitching? Or does close trim basically mean single welt stitching only?
They do, I was in a couple weeks ago and tried some on. Couldn't tell the difference between the petite standards.
These look amazing. And love the laces.
Love the ideas brother, keep them coming. I know not all who follow this thread own Aldens so I thought it would be a good opportunity for those guys to get involved as well. But I'm cool with posting personal collection photos only, if that's what the group decides. Either way I'm hoping to see a lot of beat-to-shit Indys and golden brown whiskeys.Edit: comma added after "only" for clarification
Happy inaugural Patina Sunday (if you're choosing to celebrate) and Easter (if you're into that sort of thing).   My collection is less than a year old and hasn't aged much so I've chosen a photo posted previously in this thread. Taken at Leather Soul Hawaii, both of these shoes are color 8 NSTs. This photo was originally taken and posted by member Dexter_ in 2010. Coincidentally, it appears the aged shoe's color is somewhere between a paska and kielbasa.    
I like the 30s
I know the grant last usually fits TTS or down a half size but has anyone needed to go up a half size?
These are rad. Are they brown or black?
I move to start "Patina Sundays." Post pictures of your worn Aldens or photos you find online. Bonus points for before and after re-craft/re-sole/shine photos.
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