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Worn for half a season, but it was always a bit too big for me.   Will only be up until either I raise enough funds for a grail that's recently popped up.   No defects, comes with the fur and etc. etc.   Shipping at cost.
  I've been washing my tencel stuff hot wash + dryer. No shrinkage or problems otherwise yet... think I read somewhere that tencel gets stronger when it gets wet.
 there's an elasticized hem on those sweats
 Had my eye on that stole for a while, thanks
pretty sure schneider did that for one of his lookbooks
70-> 60 -> 50   I have two one gitman vintage plaid shirt up for sale. They are tagged size small but fit a bit too tight in the chest and as a result I have only worn the green one twice and the black/white one once.   18.5 p2p   The patterns are really nice, well done plaids. Super beefy fabric. "Yarn dyed japanese cotton."   Price includes CONUS shipping.   Would be happy to cut deals for multiple purchases.
110 -> 90 -> 70   36 the flathead chambray shirt. Retails for $220 at selfedge. Worn once briefly but no longer my style, also a little too small in the chest.   Quality is crazy. My version has hexagonal pearl snaps (from a previous season), not the diamond ones at selfedge. runoff chain stitching, selvedge accents.   Measurements and pictures here: http://www.selfedge.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=68&products_id=232   Actual pictures on...
yes I realize that but as someone who also wears glasses I think it just looks weird to have two pieces of eyewear showing. though I do understand the utility of it
are those sunglasses in your chest pocket just a part of the shirt or what is going on here with the two pairs of sunglasses
let me dream
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