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Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu That's insane. It makes me feel bad that I only had time for an AF Hemingway Short Story.
I jumped on the RP Torpedo deal @ CI that JohnGalt mentioned and got them in today. I didn't have time for anything except a Partagas Purito. I think they're great for a quick smoke.
Quote: Originally Posted by jerrybrowne i love those. The last box had some serious pull issues though. Have they fixed it? I've read about that issue before but didn't experience any problems with that last stick. Maybe it's fixed, maybe I got lucky.
I got an e-mail the other day about this. The location at the Americana in Glendale is closing on the 31st and everything is 50% off. If you're in the area, you know what to do...
I enjoyed a Partagas Spanish Rosado in Burbank last night. It was cold as a witch's teat outside.
Quote: Originally Posted by LeatherSOUL Kinda around...was in Tokyo, now in HK. I don't think I have anything on the Hampton on the horizon. I did just put in an order for the Hampton plain toe. Jason, nice pickup. I actually bought a pair of those exact same shoes, just on the Tom last, back in 2004 from another dealer. Love loden green. A hampton plain toe would fill a gap in my line-up. I'll keep an eye on your site.
Tom - You around? I recently learned that my left foot is not suited for the aberdeen last. Are there any interesting Alden dress shoe offerings in the hampton last on the horizon at LS?
Quote: Originally Posted by quantrell Carroll and co. in Beverly Hills if you can't wait for LSBH Carroll & Co. also have a Pasadena location, if that's closer.
Thanks for the tips guys. I'll enjoy one tonight and let the others breathe.
Thanks Fcknu and Jet. Generally, how long do you let them breathe?
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