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In the Esquire article above, Kurland says he designed the suits and they were made by Dennis Kim Tailors, a small Korean-American owned operation in Los Angeles. No mention of a Turkish Co. or subsidiary.
I saw a story on the evening news about the crossfit games being held in Carson (socal) this weekend. I'm sure the number of pics will increase in the coming weeks.
As an observer, I like the look. I see what TF is aiming for and it reminds me of the stuff my dad has from the 70's. The problem is TF doesn't seem practical for the professional office and frankly, I don't have the shape for it.
I think Piper Heidsieck is decent for general drinking.
As Newsman mentioned, series X of Poirot premieres this month. For those in Southern California, the first episode of series X will air tomorrow (Sunday 7/11) on KCET. Following the broadcast, there will be a 1hr. documentary discussing David Suchet's experience with the Orient Express. It should be really interesting. To me, Poirot exemplifies the very best in television.
Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. I'll definitely look into them.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet I am not a huge fan of nutmeg profiles, much prefer coco and coffee flavors. What would you suggest for someone that also prefers coco and coffee flavors?
Glenfiddich 15 neat
Just ordered some of the Padillas @CI. When I started reading this thread, I didn't think it would affect my bank account like MC does. I think I'll have a Partagas Black Label Maximo while I ponder it.
Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu These just came in I want to be a baller when I grow up.
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