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Quote: Originally Posted by Bull Hate you! Haha. I paid full price at my favorite store on earth. No shipping, though...FTW: http://hivemodern.com/ Well, take comfort in knowing I spent 20 minutes trying get them into car without damaging them and 15 minutes trying to get them out. Hive is pretty swanky. Back to the regular programming...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bull My wife and I splurged on two Eames chairs with my first paycheck from my prior firm. Just...saying (lulz.) I found two Selig chairs at the local goodwill for $25 a piece last week. Just thought I'd share.
Price Drops
Now that I don't go into an office on a daily basis, I'm doing some more closet cleaning. The items below have pretty much sat in the closet and never made it into my regular rotation. 1. Alden Full Strap Loafer Model 681 Size 10C Aberdeen Last. These have only been worn a few times as evidenced by the sole wear. Shoe bags and box are included. $225 -> $213 -> $202 -> $192 -> $xxx shipped in CONUS via USPS Priority. Click pics to enlarge. 2. Charles Tyrwhitt Sea...
Rcarins84 - I sent you a PM.
Price Drop on BBBF. Rake sold.
In addition to the stores listed above, you can try on C&Js in their store in NYC on W56th.
The Brog is pretty good. I'll keep an eye on it.
I'd try C&J through Pediwear. Pricing is usually just a touch lower than Aldens through regular channels.
1) Black Fleece Plaid Shirt - BB4. This item was purchased fro another member who picked it up at a BB clearance center. It features a button down collar and chest pocket. There is an "X" through the tag and a slight run in the fabric near the bottom of the placket. The shirt has been tried on but not worn. I only want what I paid - $50 --> $45 shipped in CONUS via USPS Priority. Paypal preferred. Click on the pics to enlarge. Measurements: Shoulders: 19.5 Sleeve:...
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