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I've been exploring the wonderful world of English shoes and would like to know how Sanders and Grenson hold up in terms of quality. I've read alot about impressions on Laoke here on SF. How do Grenson (especially their Rose collection) and Sanders compare? Thanks for your input!
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 Let's face it, Hofstra Law ain't exactly a first-tier law school. The rep probably had a fixed budget for the gift cards, and probably also visits many many other schools. I'm pleasantly surprised that BB actually does this. Unfortunately this is the standard attitude on most Law School forums.
I am a recovering pack rat. It has been only in the past few months that I've realized that I have way too much crap. I'm actually taking pictures of stuff to post on Ebay this weekend. Funny thing is that this realization coincided with my discovery of SF. Once I get rid of all the crap in my closet, I can replenish it with higher-end crap. By the way, Lost In Translation was great. Lip my stockings!
Can someone give me a link to gvh? Thanks.
Thanks to everyone for the info. I kind of get the idea from the descriptions. Unfortunately, I think I may have a pair of shoes with the offending leather in my closet. Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac If you would like tickets to The Parade Of Black Corrected Grain, go to Macy's mens dress shoe section. I knew there was a reason I could never bring myself to buy shoes at Macy's. Is corrected grain easier to see in brown or tan...
I'm trying to raise my shoe IQ through reading posts on SF. I know that corrected grain leather is a four letter word here. My question is how can I spot corrected grain leather on shoes. What are the tell tale signs? I've learned from SF that going to a higher price range does not guarantee that you'll get shoes made with quality leather. Thanks for your input.
The sale is in stores too. I just got back from a long lunch excursion to the Beverly Hills location and was able to score a few nice items using their sale preview
There are some decent outlets at the premium outlet center in Camarillo. They have outlets for the following there: Brooks Bros., Barney's, Burberry, Dior, Saks, Ferragamo, Ted Baker and Allen Edmonds. I've been able to find some good buys here. Good luck.
I may know of an interested party. Please post pics when you have a chance. Thanks.
While I am aware of the forum's admiration of brands such as AE, C&J, etc., I am curious to find out what everyone thinks of the Florsheim Imperial line. I think that they are pretty good in general . Most have replaceable leather soles and come in both classic and contemporary styles. They seem to be a good buy for someone starting out in the world.
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