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Agree with everything mentioned above. Will add that traffic sucks pretty bad, especially on the weekends. If you have a bike, ride it. You'll see quite a few on fixies and cruisers.
Definitely DTF...just not with you.
I would say brown would be my first choice. I would choose the chestnut as a second, but I'm not a fan of grain leather.
From what I've read on SF, J.Crew doesn't put the high-end items on sale. According to some posts on the SWD side, J.Crew will routinely remove high-end items or exclude them in the fine print whenever there is a good online coupon.
Quote: Originally Posted by dpatsil They don't link them b/c they can't confirm it is really you unless you sign the letter and send it back. Think about it, someone could have ordered the cigars and put in your address. Thanks. I'm just starting to explore CC's and haven't seen the letter before so I wasn't sure what the deal was. Now I know.
I've got a question related to the discussion about CC shipments being confiscated a few pages back. If you receive a notice that you've violated the Trading With Enemies Act or anything else, do those incidents show up in state/federal employment background checks administered by state DOJ or FBI? Or does the gov't have better things to do than log these incidents?
A bloody mary would be my first choice.
Quote: Originally Posted by bdeuce22 whenever i think of jet as a person, i think of the Dos Equis guy on the commercials. by my count, he hasn't paid for a cigar in about 4 months. Fidel Castro once gifted him a box just to say "Hi"...
30 years old is a little late to start practicing isn't it?
Quote: Originally Posted by cb_32 would black pants, white shirt and tie make me look too much of a vallet? Add a name tag and yes you would.
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