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Aaah. Thanks!
Is the BIG store mentioned in previous posts a large man's store? A denim store? A large man's denim store? I tried doing a search but nothing came up. Can someone please post a link? Thanks
Thank you for your recommendations. San Marino works out great as does the Beverly Hills establishment ( I work in Century City). At the San Marino tailor shop, I'm assuming that the $10-$12 price is for each buttonhole and not for each sleeve right? Thanks again.
Can anyone suggest a skilled tailor in the Los Angeles/Pasadena area? I'd like someone that can not just do the normal alterations, but be talented enough to do major surgery on a suit jacket if the need arises. Thanks.
I agree with one of the previous psters in that it looks too much like a purse. I don't think that even an entertainment attorney could pull that off and they wear some pretty interesting stuff sometimes. But let's face it. If you will be a summer associate, your firm will pay you handsomely while they wine and dine you (I'm assuming you're at a large firm). Why not take some of that cash and get a nice bag?
Quote: Originally Posted by robin I did a little bit of more research on it this morning and it's definitely an entity of of the same Timberland. . Timberland Boot Co. is the overseas branch of the Timberland that we all know and love. As usual the overseas market gets much more interesting product. This is true for several american staple brands like Lee Jeans, Carhartt, etc. The overseas branch is now offering a limited line of...
I was in Oldtown Pasadena last Saturday night. Certainly there were people wearing expensive streetwear labels, but I counldn't tell who was wearing the expensive designer stuff and who just had the style sense to put together a some thrift shop finds. Many times it is hard to tell the designer cardgian that costs $$$ from the one that somebody picked up at a thrift shop while walking down the street. The only way I can discern the two is if there is some sort of logo...
Quote: Originally Posted by andyw .... With longer hair, I had to become familar with product. One of the reasons I liked the short cut for so long was the lack of fuss with hair gels, creams, etc. But with my thick hair, I had no choice but to take my time to discover the right gel and strength to keep my hair in place without too much stiffness. My third suggestion is to try many products and narrow the field until something works for...
Any other impressions on Grenson or Sanders?
Very cool tie!
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