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Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart not in Little Tokyo tho me and whodini were nearby in the industrial warehouse district justa few blocks away I was down there for the Murakami exhibit at the Geffen/MOCA. I saw someone that looked like you but wasn't sure. He was pretty well dressed and wore his watch over his cuff a la Gianni Agnelli. I thought he might have been a fellow SFer.
Definitely looks good without the contrast stitching. Hey GS, were you in Little Tokyo this Saturday?
Quote: Originally Posted by Young Blood I'm an entertainment attorney practicing in Century City. - YB. If you're ever near the Century Plaza Towers, check out the way the boys at CAA dress. This will show you what you should avoid. The suits that these guys (even the older ones) wear are ill fitting. They commit the usual sins -- jacket sleeves too long, pants too long, crappy shoes, etc -- all while running around like they are...
You might also consider that the firm dress codes are slightly different depending on what part of the city you are in. Downtown firms are more conservative and formal than those on the Westside orin the Valley. This may affect the patterns/colors of the shirts you buy.
This thread is gay.
Quote: Originally Posted by mr.loverman are there any brands like filson used to be that are still good quality or not imported? Not as many as we would like, but they are out there. I flip through a Japanese magazine called Free & Easy. The focus is on workwear and some american brands (some still made in the U.S.). Despite the majority of the text being in Japanese (there is some english), the great pictures and close-ups of the labels...
Rocco might be considered a a way.
The boots do have laces, but undoing the top laces does not help out. I guess I just have big feet and I run into a little difficulty getting my foot in. I will see someone to get tabs put on. Thanks Panyen for the info.
I just got a pair of Red Wing Gentleman Traveller boots. The fit is spot on but getting my foot into the boot is a bit tricky. I'm thinking about having pull tabs, put on the back of the boot to make it easier to get my foot in. Since I'm new to the shoe game, I wanted to get an idea of cost and make sure that this is (1) possible; (2) easily done by a shoe repairman or leather worker. Thanks.
Be afraid....Be very afraid...
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