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Quote: Originally Posted by water If we are talking about fictional non-Italian mobsters, Viggo Mortensen's suits in Eastern Promises were sharp. The clothing in Gangster No. 1 was pretty nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt John Gotti Jr: Gotti Jr. looks awful, but his attorney looks pretty good.
Interesting... I drive by Novex every day and it always looks empty. I might have to pop in for a looksee. I might have to break down and commission that rhinestone cape I've always wanted.
My girl gave me a gift certificate to The Shave in Beverly Hills, CA. It's supposed to be a salon/barber shop catering to men. I've read that they offer old school barber services as well as free booze. I wasn't aware of the place and don't know anyone that has been. All I know is what I've read on their website. Anyone have any experience with this place? Any annoying upscale attitude there?
Denimbar -- That's kind of what I was saying. Denim enthusiasts loved dry denim before it was popular and will love it when it fades from the mainstream spotlight. The masses will buy in to it when the big brands start producing their mediocre models. The masses will move onto something else when some "tastemaker" says so.
I think dry denim will really hit mainstream this year and run into a wall in '09. When I saw a middle age couple sporting super slim dry denim cuffed half way up their calves yesterday, I knew the mainstream explosion was near. They looked like they were trying really hard to look like hipsters. Maybe it's just the city. Bald spots and dry denim don't really go well I think. After Abercrombie has its shot at this, and I don't know if it is that far away, dry...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dazedandconfused We are staying at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza. Beverly Hills shopping is one of the things we definately want to do but from there it is a toss up! We will be coming in next Thursday and will be there approximately 7-10 days depending on a couple of the auditions. I certainly appreciate the information, very helpful. The mall across the street from the Hyatt Regency has a Bloomies, Macys,...
Following up on what Chikor wrote...It's A Wrap is still in Burbank. There is also a location on Robertson. I've read that you should really inspect the higher end stuff (shirts, ties) there. Wardrobe people will sometimes sew in labels to trick actors that won't wear clothing if it is not from a certain designer, etc. Do check out the Nordstrom Rack in Topanga. Better business wear than other Nordstrom Racks. On my last trip they were stocking lots of AE as well as...
Thanks! I never made it past that first page during my previous searches.
I've looked around and have done searches. I couldn't find anything. A little help please.
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