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Quote: Originally Posted by whodini My buddies would be pissed if I didn't also name drop Eagle Rock as a great place to live. Totally slipped my mind. I used to live there before it was cool. Lot's of interesting music going on in that area. Live bands at the bowling alley and the pizza place on the weekends. They also have an annual music festival where they set up stages along Colorado Blvd and several bands showcase their music. ...
Fight Club reference for when discussing the price of clothing with those outside of Styleforum.
The first rule of Styleforum is: you do not talk about the price. The second rule of Styleforum is: you DO NOT talk about the price.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart hell man, I have more lobsters than a cantonese seafood restaurant in monterey park
I also recommend the outlets at Camarillo and Cabazon. I would recommend against going to Ontario Mills. It is a large indoor mall selling crap at close to regular retail prices. The only stores that may be of interest would be the Polo store and the Nordstrom Rack.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim Maybe, but Godmother is in NYC. I broke the first rule...Never use what you sell.
[quote=Tokyo Slim;853622]WTF...was that supposed to be written in English? I can't understand a damn thing you just wrote. They are all familiar words, they just don't GO together like you wrote them. QUOTE] Doesn't Seattle have a big meth problem?
I break mine out every fall. No designers or anything. Also, I buy mine where real working people buy theirs -- Various work supply shops, K-Mart and Wal-Mart. They're warm, look good, and made to take a beating. I got one at an after X-mas sale fo $8.00. Can't beat that.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheRealAshland bellbottoms are trends but the oxford, or "prep look has been around since forever and hasnt died down.. nor shall it ever It's true. Also, Vampire Weekend = Not very good, IMO
I was at Penny's the other day looking at 501 STFs. I noticed that some were marked 501 and others were marked 501xx. I looked at both pairs inside and out and could not notice a difference other than the marking on the label. Is there a difference? These were just the basic pairs selling for $30-$40. Penny's doesn't carry any LVC or super premium Levi's.
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