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BMWs used to be douchebag cars maybe 10 years ago. Today they are as common as a Toyoata Camry. As a result you have a wide range of people behind the wheel. Some people are douche bags and drive like racer wannabes and some drive like little old ladies. Hummers, G35s, and Maxima drivers seem pretty douchey all around. Must be the 7 jeans that come standard in the gloveboxes. Porsche not so much. They are more mid-life crisis cars, and from what I have seen,...
Shorts and jersey combo or a bib is all you'll ever need. Skin suits are only used in time trials where every second literally counts.
I didn't know that people working in public radio made enough to afford BoO clothing.
The Bob article just turned me off. Phrases like "serious walnut- crunching ass power" don't really belong in "inspirational" articles? WTF? I think that author has more issues than just "Bobs". The Rollins article was much better. It really nailed why we hit the gym - Not to be better than others but to better ourselves.
Thanks for the recommendations guys. I have looked at LE and Four in Hand in the past. I haven't really seen anything over at LE that catches my eye. Four In Hand is nice but I was hoping for more stripes (repp and pencil) in conservative color schemes ala Brooks or JPress. I'll take another look at Four In Hand as there were a few items that did interest me.
Can anyone suggest an online source for decent extra-long neckties around or under $40? I already watch e-bay and Brooks during sales. I'm looking for someplace with a consistent supply so I'm not stuck with what ever is up for autcion or on sale. Thanks.
It was an ok show. I wish they spent a little more time on the PBJ process and the carpe denim guy. I'll definitely go to the Rosebowl next month to check out the wares.
Quote: Originally Posted by whacked 30-something dudes wearing affliction tees + 7FAM jeans get laid, some pretty often. Guys dressing like 12 year old... not so much. Huge difference. Let's remember that it's not the clothing that gets them laid, it's how they work the women.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crooow There's four places. There's the Dancewear Hut, that's on third. There's Dancewear-R-Us, that's on third too. You got Put-Your-Butt-In-Dancewear? That's on third. Swing Low, Sweet Danskin... Matter of fact, they're all in the same complex; it's the dancewear complex on third. Over in the dancewear district. Thank you Mr. Scorpio.
CDG Temporary store recently opened in Downtown Los Angeles Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart I wonder if the Barneys buyer will cater to the "local populace" Brow Down Bro!
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