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Looks like a great way to get junk mail in your mailbox and inbox.
Say hi to Dog Chapman.
Yes. Sign up at the Brooks website and you'll get an e-mail when the time comes.
Lands End clothing is a pretty good value. I like that fact that there are several sleeve length options and that inseam lengths can be specified to the .25 inch. I believe that the non-iron dress shirts are great, but I am not exactly keen on the ties. I have a LE tie and it looks geat (Navy with a repeating crossed swords pattern). It is thick and the construction is solid. The problem is, that I can't tie a decent knot with it. This is strange because I never...
Hey Foxx, Is tiedeals.com a reputable shop? Good buying experiences? Thanks.
An executive that can't tie a knot. What is corporate america coming to? Go to: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/tieknots/4inhand.tem This provides step by step pictures and instructions. Good luck.
I think that most of the Stafford suits are made in Mexico or China. However, last year they did have some Stafford Executive suits that were made of cloth woven in Italy and assembled in Italy. I don't remember which house the fabric came from, but I do remember seeing the label in a picture on shown on Mr. Ned's blog. I think that Stafford is a good brand for basic workhorse office wear. I do like Land's End but with Stafford you can see up close/try on before...
Looks like someone got a cleaver and chopped the toes off. Pair them with an Affliction T-Shirt and 7 jeans to get the perfect douchebag uniform. For some reason very popular among persian guys in west L.A.
Exactly what does a "nice" trucker hat look like? How is it different from something picked up at a truck stop? Is it just the addition of an acceptable logo?
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