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I haven't made all the purchases I want to because of the economy. I've held off on buying a G9 as well as a few pairs of shoes. As a matter of fact, I might have to sell some of my British made shoes in anticipation of being laid off.
Quote: Originally Posted by Joseph K. Bank I don't know if it's because of the popularity of the celebrity southern chef Paula Dean but in the Philadelphia area the Crackle Barrels always have over an hour wait on weekends if you didn't make a reservation. I don't think it has anything to do with Paula Dean. It's popular because they serve large portions of food for a fairly cheap price. Most of the places that cater to the biscuits and...
That style of jean used to be big withthe rave kids when I was in high school. I didn;t understand it then and I don;t understand it now.
Where to begin?
I used to flip through GQ on a regular basis. I got tired of them trying to make "rakish" a household word. Now I buy Japanese magazines like Mens Ex and Non-no to get the full spectrum of menswear. These mags are choc full of pics and lighter on the editorial. They are great for inspiration rather than a how to manual.
Quote: Originally Posted by veetak I realize the original question was asked months ago, but look at where they where made in. From what I have seen the XX come from Mexico and the other 501's come from Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic or elsewhere, and if you look really close at the stitching on the XXs vs the other ones the XXs are stitched more times and more evenly and are just better. I stated the same about origin in my...
Go to beers: Fat Tire Negro Modello Newcastle Gives me a headache: Delirium Trois pistoles
Glenrothes 12yr? Approx $50-60/bottle
Mohel for Hire
I need a new pair of running shoes. Can you pick up a pair while you're getting Lancome's? Thanks.
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