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Quote: Originally Posted by Bounder There has been a near-perfect storm of bad advice in this thread. I can see what some of the more experienced posters are complaining about now. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel Imperishable Los Angeles tailoring icon and impresario Jack Taylor is a big promoter of one-button suits and (I presume) jackets. They're a little offbeat but certainly sartorially least in my opinion. I actually picked up a Jack Taylor one button peak lapel suit at a local thrift a few months ago.
Check the J.Crew thread on the SW side. Most of the posters there are familiar with J crew sizing and measurements.
Quote: Originally Posted by Farmgate Mate......I'm only going to the clubs to keep up with the 20 Somethings at business conferences. Maybe I should stay at the hotel bar and eat peanuts?? At 45+ you should be a big dog in your industry (whatever that may be). The 20 somethings should be trying to keep up with you, not the other way around.
The rich kids I knew took it a step farther and became gutter punks with the obligatory dog and panhandled.
Taco - You're good guy for helping out the SF brethren.
I saw the movie this morning and did notice the gap. I don't think the gap was horrible but I did take note. I guess it's a side effect from reading these threads. Good movie by the way.
More boobs please!
You'll be fine with what you plan to wear. I go to the opera once or twice a season. In California (Los Angeles), you will see some people in formal attire but the overwhelming majority will just wear sportcoats and chinos. Many people wear jeans. Since you're attending a rehearsal, the dress code is even more lax.
Quote: Originally Posted by kylelovesyou A little something I picked up from a fellow forumite. The oiled soles look so lovely, overall these look to be a really excellent casual shoe, particularly with denim. About the shoe (from the site): ALDEN 73034 REVERSED CHAMOIS RANGER MOC IN TOBACCO Tobacco NOTES: The Ranger Moc design originated in Maine nearly 100 years ago as a light weight hand-sewn Indian moccasin. Alden of New England...
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