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Another pair of shoes added!
Quote: Originally Posted by poly800rock after being ripped off so many times with paypal transactions, I'm really cautious with new users and international buyers. sorry, just a fact of life. If I get a buyer with a post count under 120, I get a little nervous.
Motherfuckin' hilarious! I like this trend of creative marketing on B&S.
Hathaway shirt + Dos Equis = The most interesting man in the world.
As recently as last summer, Lands End sold W&G shirts through the Lands End catalog.
Redwing for J.Crew Rugged Classic Boots in Dark Wood. They are size 9.5D. Another member got them for me at a J.Crew clearance center. These have literally been worn once since I spend most of my time in my GTs. The spots on the vibram soles are glue spots which is probably why these were at a clearance center. I'm only looking for what I paid for them. Sold shipped in CONUS via USPS Priority. Click to Enlarge Photos. Attachment 42589 Attachment...
previous pair of Shoes sold, shirts still available.
The Hales are still available. I wore the same size in both models. I found that the Hale was a little sleeker than the Park Aves. In my experience, the Hales were a tad narrower, but not uncomfortable. I'm sure that if you search other members have discussed the differences in fit. You can also check out the Allen Edmonds page on lasts:
The guy in the AAAC post order 3 brown suits?
Price drops
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