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Ties - Gone to the Bay All ties are 3.75 wide. The Brooks ties are all XL length. The Brooks tie on the left is NWT. Click images to enlarge. Attachment 43554 Attachment 43553
Still waiting on some damn pics
price drop
Was the intro filmed in Eagle Rock?
Quote: Originally Posted by MiniW black Alden longwings: Yeah, saw that too. Looking for all black minus the natural edging. I intend to use the shoes for office wear. Saw some in Japan but hoping for somewhere in conus.
Does anyone know if Alden is currently doing a longwing in black calf? I've seen the shell but am interested in calf.
Another price drop on shoes. Shirts moving to Ebay.
Price drop on shoes
Quote: Originally Posted by Amar ezzahi I bought a H&K Tattersall shirt from yoox and the label "made in UK" was still on the shirt. Besides, the shirts I bought from the website have not any mention of the place of production. The Yoox shirt was probably older stock. I just got an H&K from Bromley's and the tag does not show MIE or GT Britain.
How much planning do you go through to cook all your foods and plan your menu for the day/week? Do you just cook the same 5-8 things and get into a routine. Also, how do you manage all the prep and planning with your job? I know that when I get home, I'm usually pretty beat.
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