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I'm a cigar newbie. I received a humidor as a gift and have just got it going. The humidity has finally stabilized and I have a few cigars to put in the box. Some cigars obviously have a stronger scent than others. How long can I leave different cigars in the humidor without having the scent of one cigar affecting others in the box? Each cigar is in the cellophane that it came in. Thanks!
Like I said, It's not a complaint (please read closely ). It's just surprise. Brooks is pretty stodgy and not the most nimble company out there. Black Fleece was a predictable move, but this was unexpected.
Has Brooks Brothers fallen so far that they are working with blogs on bowties? I know that this is done all the time with streetwear/workwear. I'm not complaining about the product, I'm just surprised at the move. I never thought an institution like Brooks would go that route. They must really be looking for ways to bring people through their doors.
pm sent
Wow, we're on page 3 and still waiting on pics. At least we have Vox's pics...
I'm having lunch in Century City next week. I'll stare at the exterior and imagine the treasure trove of Aldens, Lobbs, and Cleverlys soon to come as I drive by.
This is a gently worn pair of Allen Edmonds Mora in black. They are size 10.5 D and are built on the #8 last. They have been sitting in my closet for over a year and I need to reclaim the real estate. Asking $130 shipped CONUS via USPS Priority. Paypal preferred. There is a shoe stamp on the sole. I don't know if these are firsts or seconds. I got them through the AE store in Cabazon, CA back when they were still around. There wasn't a seconds designation on the...
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff man those pants are curtains The short hair look is good. The shaved head look is not. I don't get the skinhead vibe there. It's more east german cult member.
Price drop
Quote: Originally Posted by Guy-Montag Did not know this. Is it a rule of style that you never use both a pocket square and flower at the same time? Wearing both at the same time just makes you look cluttered. I have to hand it to you for taking everyone's constructive criticism (and jabs) well. Lesser men would have resorted to name calling 4 pages ago.
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