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Who makes this shoe?
Now that you've got the issues with the jacket straight, remember to take a couple of links out of the watch band.
Just when I thought the quality of posts on SF was in a nosedive, I read this thread. Thanks to the OP for posting the review and helping keep SF interesting.
Percival - Is there a particular online source for the lasted trees? I've only seen the unlasted C&J branded ones. Also, if anyone is interested, I contacted Bodiley's regarding C&J availability. They are now taking orders for (estimated) August delivery.
5% price drop!
Alden Captoe Balmorals - Model 907, Black Calf, Size 10D. These shoes have seen very light use. These shoes will ship with original bags and box. Shoe trees are NOT included. These shoes will ship via USPS priority. $161 via Paypal gift or add 3%. U.S. addresses only please. Click pics to enlarge. Attachment 64196 Attachment 64198 Attachment 64197 Attachment 64199 Back Issues of Mens Ex (Jan 2011) and Uomo (Dec 2010). Both in excellent condition. The...
The British brands mentioned above or Brooks Brothers extra slim fit shirts work well. The BB shirts are currently priced above your range but during sales you can get them within your range.
My experience has been a little off. I sent an e-mail more than a week ago and it has gone unanswered. I would place a call but I've been too busy and the desire to buy has waned.
Are Brooks Brothers 346 (outlet line) dress shirts available in slim fit and extra-slim fit?
I just saw the film. Brooks Brothers and Charles Tyrwhitt are acknowledged in the end credits. While I do have Tyrwhitt shirts, I thought the shirt collars in the movie looked a lot nicer than what I've seen in-person from Tyrwhitt.
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