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Thanks Julian. I'll keep watching the site.
I've been watching your site for a while now. Any hope of getting more C&J 341 or 360 lasted shoes in 9E UK?
I hope that Drake's is in good hands with the Armoury group. It would be a shame if we ended up referring to our Drake's goods as pre-acquisition and post-acquisition because of a dip in quality, etc.
I'm guessing that this is exactly like the Lime except with the Herring name stamped on it. The pricing in the link you posted is the same as the pricing for the Herring's branded version. I couldn't really take advantage of ordering direct from Cheaney because they don't offer internet sales to those outside the UK. Also the e-retailers that did ship to the U.S. were all within 5gbp of each other ex. vat with shipping. I went with Herring because of this thread's...
I just wanted to follow up on my earlier post. I finally got around to ordering with Herring. I bought a pair of Churchill on Cheaney's 11028 last. They fit well and look better in person than in the website pictures. Shipping was definitely speedy. I ordered on a Wednesday and I had the shoes by 4:00pm Friday. I didn't think that you could get something from England to Los Angeles in 3 days for what they charge for shipping, but it turns out that you can.
CT has 2 stores in NYC if you really need one of their shirts.
Other people have posted this guy's youtube vids here before. I just don't get it. Imagine what he would do with a pair of EGs .
He sounds like he's had a stroke.
Quote: Originally Posted by pitboss12 Who makes this shoe? Anyone?
Brooks in Beverly Hills is filled with incompetent SAs. The Century City location 5 minutes away is a little better.
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