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There's a store in West Palm, too.
There's a shop in West Palm
The last time I took a jacket in, Hector's suggestions ultimately resulted in a completely new article of clothing.  He keeps pretty up-to-date on modern styles RE: the house cut.  Being 18, I can't give you any more information than what I've heard from my tailoring, and my parents/their friends' experiences with bespoke clothing.  I know that he offers Brioni, Loro Piana, Zegna, and some of the Savile Row house fabrics for shirting and suiting.  
Hector's tailoring in Rockville.  He's extremely talented-- the only tailor in the area that my mother will trust for reweaving-- and usually very timely.  
Much appreciated!  Next time I visit my dad, I'll give it a listen!  Hahaha, thanks!  As a jew who went to a new england prep school, I've always kept it on the down low ;)
Good morning fellow enthusiasts.  I've got a quick question for you guys about a Vacheron Constantin from circa 1970-1980.  I don't have a picture of the watch, or the reference number, as it is across the country soaking up the Napa sun with my father.  However, as the wills stand, I'm currently slated to inherit this watch.  It's 18k gold, and is an ultra-thin watch.  The watch came with a Vacheron Constantin black alligator strap.  The last time I inspected the watch...
Hey guys, I'm a Styleforum Neophyte from the DC area, although I do consider myself a bit better educated on sartorial matters than most of my peers.  The next time that I go home, I'll have turned 18, and I'm looking to buy some new pieces for my wardrobe.  While my father and I--the latter sadly only for a brief period of time-- were patrons of James in Galleria, the store's closing has left me picking out pieces at Neimans and Saks.  Would anyone be able to recommend...
I think he's nailed the fit.  I'm with you on the button stance and lapels, however.
I've found myself going on the Suitsupply website more and more frequently.  I definitely like the Napoli fit for a traditional Italian vibe, and I think that the Washington and Washington half do a wonderful mix of English dandy and business.  You can't go wrong with any of them. 
A word of advice from a fellow young'n: super-skinny lapels and ties may be popular with the GQ crowd, but I urge you to think twice about a more traditional width.  My first real suits were all Calvin Klein, two notch and two peak lapels, which aren't super skinny, but are definitely narrow.  My father, a Brioni power-suit guy, derided my choices, but I went ahead anyways.  All four suits were slim-fit, but the family tailor still did a few hundred dollars worth of...
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