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I'm getting some (supposedly bespoke) shirts from Smyth & Gibson, and they just recently sent me a fit shirt. I can't travel to them and they can't come to me, so I'd have to talk to them about the changes that I want to make, and they will alter the pattern for me. In general I found the shirt to be comfortable, but it somehow doesn't feel bespoke (aka a bit loose at parts and not perfectly fit). I'm not an expert, so can you guys plz comment on the fit and let me know...
Long time not visiting this forum :)! Went to a black-tie event lately, and here was my fit:  
Or is it just a piece of cotton rolled up and put underneath the t-shirt?  
Haven't been to this forum/thread for such a long time :). I was trying a new shirt collar today - The tie knot is too big for this style?  
Thanks for the clarifications ;). I think I'll go with that pair then :).
I'm new to Carmina and just wondering if you guys can help me clarify something -> I live in Dublin so would the Carmina e-boutique the best place for me to buy their shoes? The prices on their websites are the same as the prices in their boutiques right? How come people here on the forum choose to buy from other retailers instead of directly from Carmina? It's said on the website that "MTO´S will have a 50 % increase on the retail prices" and I assume MTO is "Made to...
Another overcoat. This time it's an (original) Crombie (but I'm neither a skinhead nor a suedehead :)).  
  This is me wearing the coat buttoned. Too long isn't it? I think I will have it shortened by 2-3 inches and will also have the waist suppressed a bit.     What I was wearing underneath - I posted a picture of me wearing this Neil Barrett jacket a while ago to ask if I should keep it; one SFer said that DB doesn't suit me and told me to return it. Stubborn me kept it anyway since I thought the fit was ok. Did I make a mistake?       [[SPOILER]]
EMartNJ you went to school in Pton? By any chance you're a fellow Tiger? I'm class of '09 ;)! And I don't mean to sound snobbish but if you are indeed a Tiger, it shouldn't be too hard to get a (at least temporary) job no? I know a lot of Princetonians do banking upon graduation but there are so many other options beyond that. And as Claghorn said - "Be willing to move. Your first job probably isn't going to be the one that you stick with for the rest of your life. Get a...
  upr_crust I'm 5'6'' so very short (and fat with a disproportionate neck-body - very unfortunate I know :(). I would love to shorten the coat but as yywwyy pointed out, the buttons are positioned so slow that shortening the coat would ruin the overall balance. I bought it because I thought it's a very nice cashmere-wool overcoat (and partially because the salesperson was such a sweet talker); when I'm home I'll post a pic of me wearing the coat with the buttons closed so...
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