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 I actually sold them right after I posted that I got them, couldn't deal with the sizing. Photos don't really show it well, but the strap that's connected to the zippers has a snap that connects to the back of the heel. When unsnapped (to pull the zippers up and down), it makes a jingling noise, but it's quiet when it's connected to the heel snap. The strap itself is grosgrain (if I remember correctly), no noise at all.
11 Vans 11 Stan Smith 11 Chucks 11 in older Nike (AM90, etc) 11.5 in modern Nike runners (Flyknit Racers, Free Runs)   I was going to get an 11-12, but they sold out really quickly so I gambled on the 10-11. They fit, but they're pretty snug (especially since I've been wearing fairly roomy Flyknit Racers most days). I might try for an 11-12 for the US release and try to get my cost back on the 10-11.
The selections on the Acronym site were the t-shirt ranges (mine are "10-11").
Got my olives from the Acronym site drop yesterday. Would highly recommend erring on the larger side if you're between sizes.  
Entry-level in NYC is around 30-40K for design/tech/production/product development ("cooler" companies are on the lower end of this spectrum, mass market is on the higher end). Unless you know someone, you're usually expected to have interned for a while (like...at least a year) before you're even considered for these types of positions.
Found Hirsh...   http://forum.heddels.com/users/silver/activity
11.5 Nike 11 Vans 10.5 Clarks DBs 10.5-11 "dress" shoes Wide feet   =43 B-Ball lows?
I've been struggling with this for years and I definitely sympathize with the denim issue.    The two posters above are correct. You should go a little looser and you're gonna have to modify your aesthetic a little bit. Material-wise, you're not going to be able to wear denim. I've had pretty good luck with wool or like...jersey/athletic type material. Slightly more refined fabric that drapes a lot better than denim. Something like this should be pretty easy to find....
Looks like Totokaelo is getting ready to do private label. Should be interesting.
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