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You might be right; I was actually thinking the same thing but am unsure because of the lighting. However, the herringbone is clearly visible in other runway shots, so I'm holding out hope that it's a different fabric that's going to drop later in the season.    
Where did you see the Bloomingdale's buy? In-store only?------Really disappointed that nobody picked up this coat (or...anything in this fabric). Hopefully it's just a later drop.
Yes, I am referring to the mall clientele, which often includes people with disposable income ("having money") who aren't necessarily interested in clothing to the extent that people on here are. What I was attempting to get across (poorly, apparently) is that the average shopper (the one that thinks J. Crew is "high end") is generally uneducated about product, isn't doing research and is just going to the mall, browsing a few stores, and buying what they like. Theory is...
Cucinelli is far out of the reach of most people in terms of pricepoint and distribution; Theory is not, which is the point I was trying to make. Accessibility isn't an issue for people on here, but there are tons of people who just walk into stores and buy stuff that they think looks nice with little consideration to what else is on the market. Theory is in a lot of stores (even in suburban areas), Cucinelli is not.  Theory is a somewhat palatable pricepoint (though poor...
Theory exists because there are a LOT of people who have money, base the value of a garment solely on its price and want to wear nice "normal" (non-stylized), reasonably well-cut clothing in decent fabrics (see: 90% of Barney's mens buys every season) that they can easily find in physical retail stores. Obviously it doesn't provide exceptional value/design and it's not a brand for communities like this, but it shouldn't be too hard to understand why it's popular.
You could feasibly do Medium or Large, depending on how you layer.  The two guys who fit model are on the larger side of Medium/small side of Large (so like..40-42ish) so the Mediums tend to fit a little larger than other brands.  I'm the same height as you, about 10lbs lighter, normally wear a 40L and I can fit into a Medium with enough room to layer underneath.  If you plan on wearing some sort of down or whatever under the shell, I'd go Large.
 Feels like a Primaloft-type product, where it's more of a sheet of insulation sandwiched between the self fabric and the lining. (EDIT: went back to check out the fishtail and he used polyfill, which is basically like Primaloft. Presumably the MA-1 uses something similar) I'm almost certain that the facilities that he uses don't have the resources to do down in any capacity. It usually requires specialized equipment that mom-and-pop places don't have.
Ah, didn't know about Patagonia/the other jacket's availability, sorry.   It's not _bad_ (especially if you already have a primary winter coat), just not really functional enough for winter, in my opinion.
^ No pics, but I've tried it on, looks surprisingly nice and is reasonably well-made, but the outer shell fabric doesn't really feel like it's weather-resistant and I don't really find Uniqlo down to be that great.    You'd do a lot better buying a Patagonia down and shell on sale for about the same price, maybe a little more. If you have to get Uniqlo, they have a "Block Teck 3 Way Half Coat" that is the same concept, but the shell material is actually nice (didn't try...
 Really nice.  The shell is actually slightly stretchy to aid in movement.  The other two shells they did actually have a lot more interior detailing, but they're all made from the same fabric, so they're all pretty nice. Ever since they started selling only through their website, everything is sold a little above wholesale, so while you might be able to find something with nicer construction/fabric, you're going to pay a lot more and you're not going to get something...
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