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I've been struggling with this for years and I definitely sympathize with the denim issue.    The two posters above are correct. You should go a little looser and you're gonna have to modify your aesthetic a little bit. Material-wise, you're not going to be able to wear denim. I've had pretty good luck with wool or like...jersey/athletic type material. Slightly more refined fabric that drapes a lot better than denim. Something like this should be pretty easy to find....
Looks like Totokaelo is getting ready to do private label. Should be interesting.
Silly question, but for those merino tees, that little badge on the bottom: how is it applied? Sewed on? Heat seal? Really wish they would have kept it clean like the iO version.
Parka's up, you just have to search for it. Nice, but somewhat underwhelming compared to last year's which was absolutely insane in person and only a touch more expensive than this year's version.   Hopefully later drops will be a little more interesting.
 For what it's worth, two of the four pieces I've owned basically fell apart after a few wears.  The other two are made of decent fabric, are cut well, and have been on weekly rotation for the past few years. Basically Acne/APC level stuff.
48HOURS for the extra 20% off Isaora sale stuff, good until tomorrow. I was just emailed a one-time 15% off Patagonia coupon if anyone wants something: Tinamou4. Not really in the realm of brands discussed here, but good for base layers or a cheap rain shell or something.
^ Should be next week.
Passing along a 10% off Tres Bien code since I decided to just get Uniqlo denim over Acne.   PRE-FW15-63225
You might be right; I was actually thinking the same thing but am unsure because of the lighting. However, the herringbone is clearly visible in other runway shots, so I'm holding out hope that it's a different fabric that's going to drop later in the season.    
New Posts  All Forums: