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I've been lurking this thread for months and I still can't get my head around sizing for this stuff...   So if I'm 11 most shoes/11.5 Nike/wide foot, 44 for the RG x CP side zips?
Picked up the shirt jacket in olive, pretty impressed for the price. Good fall beater outerwear reminiscent of something like Aspesi or Isaora.   To those in NYC: 34th St had almost everything at around 12:30PM.
^ Yes, Ricky. LinkedIn.
 FWIW, one of the founders of Isaora left to head up the men's design division at NSW earlier this year. Not sure if he was involved with this collection, but expect the men's to go in this direction.
 I actually sold them right after I posted that I got them, couldn't deal with the sizing. Photos don't really show it well, but the strap that's connected to the zippers has a snap that connects to the back of the heel. When unsnapped (to pull the zippers up and down), it makes a jingling noise, but it's quiet when it's connected to the heel snap. The strap itself is grosgrain (if I remember correctly), no noise at all.
11 Vans 11 Stan Smith 11 Chucks 11 in older Nike (AM90, etc) 11.5 in modern Nike runners (Flyknit Racers, Free Runs)   I was going to get an 11-12, but they sold out really quickly so I gambled on the 10-11. They fit, but they're pretty snug (especially since I've been wearing fairly roomy Flyknit Racers most days). I might try for an 11-12 for the US release and try to get my cost back on the 10-11.
The selections on the Acronym site were the t-shirt ranges (mine are "10-11").
Got my olives from the Acronym site drop yesterday. Would highly recommend erring on the larger side if you're between sizes.  
Entry-level in NYC is around 30-40K for design/tech/production/product development ("cooler" companies are on the lower end of this spectrum, mass market is on the higher end). Unless you know someone, you're usually expected to have interned for a while ( least a year) before you're even considered for these types of positions.
Found Hirsh...
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