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Thank you, Despos, for the reply. I went to seek out another suit and found this one which is a snugger fit in the shoulders. There was a tailor/seamstress on staff who noticed my lower right shoulder. In these pictures, there is a right shoulder pad pinned in. Additionally, the right sleeve will be lengthened and the left shortened because my arms are uneven. There will be some waist suppression. Afterwards, she pinned the middle back seam as well to reduce the caving...
Hello tailors. I am just bumping my post.
Hello, all, how are you doing? I'm hoping to learn lots of good tips about style.
Hello, styleforum. I am new, and I am submitting YASQ (Yet Another Suit Question). I know the sleeves need to be shorted one to two inches. I look forward to hearing what you think about the fit of the rest of the suit. Thanks in advance.
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