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  I like this tie with this shirt and jacket. Looks very good!
The comeback of summer temperatures makes me want to come out and play:     Plus some people have been asking for more full body shots. Here ya go:  
Love the coat. Details pls?
I wouldn't wear it either but Koreans on the other hand like all things cute and somehow can pull it off much better than us.
I thought it was Teenie Weenie too but then Saturdays found a link to this exact tie on eBay and it was PRL
  That reminds me of the stuff I saw at Teenie Weenie. Is that where you get that tie?
  Do I recognize the U of M colors here?
  Damn, that is sharp, CP!
Thank you. I'm glad to see that you are agreeing that it is on the casual side. That's all I was really trying to say in my previous posts.
LOL Would you care to elaborate a little bit?
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