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Or cardigan or whatever
And the pants too
I got an Aero leather jacket yesterday and the fit/height was short; i normally wear a 40 jacket, this was a 42 and came down to slightly above my belly button. Especially with the looser shirts i wear, the jacket looks comically small on me. Just wondering if this is typical of Aero jackets. I love the jacket otherwise, so i would buy another if i can get the size issue worked out. For what its worth, i am tall so this jacket would probably fit perfect for someone who...
I have thick hair and its medium length (think Simon Baker from the Mentalist). When I lived in the west coast, my hair didnt require any product, it lay flat as i want it to. Unfortunately, i live in DC now, the humidity here adds 10x volume to my hair. Ive been using pomade to hold my hair down at work but I dont like the Gordon Gekko look. If I dont use anythink, i get David Hasselhoff hair. Leave in conditioner ive used disappears by noon so itsnot a viable option...
I purchased a Richard James Wayfair dress shirt and the neck, tagged at 16.5" feels tighter than any of my other 16" dress shirts (BB, NM, HF, etc). Do they run smaller in the neck normally or is this one shirt off? Just wondering if i should get 17" necks for Richard James. Thanks
Do all belts crack in/around the usual belt hole you use?  Or is this an indication of a cheap belt?  I.e., if I am on a modest budget, is it worthwhile to invest in an expensive belt or should I get the Bass outlet $10 belts and expect to replace them every 6 mos-1 year when they start to crack.
I am eyeing a pair of Marithé + François Girbaud jeans and looking for reviews.  I'm not familiar with the brand---sorry for being a noob, most of my wardrobe is dress clothes so I don't know how these measure up in the jeans world.  I looked through SF and didn't see any reviews, nor did I find anything in AskAndy or Google.  Thanks in advance, happy Father's Day weekend.
Anyone know what glasses Andy Samberg is wearing here:
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