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Take it to the UPS Store and make them pack it and buy the full insurance.  They like to deny your insurance claim if they didn't pack it.
Few other finds   Couple Crushed Velvets       Pop on 3Sixteens...a little rough though, someone cuffed them and left them long enough to drag and wore holes.  
One cool find yesterday...   PRL Smoking Jacket    
 Huge Shoutout to Nataku! Would have never glanced at twice if not for his guide and then i only grabbed it because it was stuck in with the suits, and then put it back before I decided it was worth a chance for $3.   Sold for $510 in less than 10 minutes.
 I was actually just taking some better pics, I'm lost when it comes to Camo but thought i remembered this being something good from your guide you posted a while back. THANK YOU!  
Did i finally find the camo I'm looking for?   Only tag or markings is the "M"      
 Been to STL, done that...unimpressed.  I found enough to pay for the trip, but I hit it hard for 2 days, something like 40 stores and didn't leave with a huge haul by any means.  I'll do it again as its hard to say its worthless from one trip, but I was really expecting to find some nice stuff and didn't.
I've had Schott not made in USA, some of their more "non-classical" designs especially but they are usually in China or something.  Never seen Spain and the logo just looks a bit off.  Usually when they do the NYC its N.Y.C.   Schott customer service is usually pretty responsive and could probably help.
 Joe Buck is lost without the Giants in the show this year...he hasn't found his lover yet this year. 
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