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GATOR CHECK! (N/A) Footjoys New, pretty sure its real gator but any confirmation would be great  [[SPOILER]]
Some Recent Finds... Minty Sebagos, worn once maybe  Baldwin Yellow Cone Selvedge  DAD JEANS! Zegna  Gray Cords  T&A French Cuff  Filson Pop!  And a $29 E-thrift came in, couldn't be happier :)  [[SPOILER]]
Haven't posted an e-thrift in a while...but i hung around the house with my son putting toys together but managed to thrift these...   http://www.ebay.com/itm/J-M-WESTON-MENS-BROWN-LEATHER-DRESS-OXFORDS-SHOES-SIZE-9D-/262210884876?hash=item3d0cfc950c:g:xNkAAOSwYaFWf0z7
 in a big ass pile in the corner of a spare bedroom.
 Actually tried to go to that store on one of my trips to St. Johns for work, wasn't open when I went. 
I think the rule with Tiger stripe is if it has a tag, its not the good stuff.
That 4 team parlay came in, flush with cash again!
Stone Cold Mint, N/A   [[SPOILER]]
 Rich Vietnamese Plastic Surgeons who collect things from the Vietnam War....YMMV
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