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Photography question:   I'm getting somewhat I would almost call "stale" hospital like pictures with no real contrast.  One I upload to Ebay, I can slide the contrast on the Ebay uploader up to about +25 and they become a ton better and really get the depth of color.  Is there some easy setting to adjust on the camera to get that result straight out of the camera?   Example:   Out of Camera   And then here's what I get after editing the contrast  
 Looks too far gone, you can try some Saphir/Lexol and google the hot spoon/hot bone method, but usually, all you can do is make it look a little better.
^^^^ The dog is bad ass
 Heel Pattern somewhat matches, but I've never seen Inside writing like that on AS  That was one of my first thoughts, but I couldn't find any evidence Cheaney had made for Paul Stuart, and I haven't seen hand printed inside markings on Cheaney...but its a definite possibility. Edit:  Searched around on the UK Ebay site, lots more Cheaney shoes over there, and I think you are dead on...all the new Cheaney's have that exact marking, when they make for themselves they have a...
Knock Knock   Who's there?   Defect   Defect who?   What De Fect are you doing to F$#$ over sellers today?
Any ideas, Stuart's Choice Paul Stuart, I don't think these are Grenson, any ideas?      
So i didn't follow that whole conversation, what did we learn? we need to print a separate page for them to scan if they are picking up?     Edit: maybe my post lady (who happens to be SMOKING HOT) likes me, still getting scans at the door   Picked Up Sep-03-14, 15:04 PM, SEDALIA, MO 65301
Lets try "Cavalry Bib Western Shirt"
 I like BBQ Bib, you can drip some sauce off your ribs on there and its just going to blend into the camoflauge.
 You can ignore my PM, if you want to run an auction, put them on Ebay.
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