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I think the rule with Tiger stripe is if it has a tag, its not the good stuff.
That 4 team parlay came in, flush with cash again!
Stone Cold Mint, N/A   [[SPOILER]]
 Rich Vietnamese Plastic Surgeons who collect things from the Vietnam War....YMMV
I vote #8, 99.9% sure
^ yes. And with Alden you can usually google the model number (974)
Take it to the UPS Store and make them pack it and buy the full insurance.  They like to deny your insurance claim if they didn't pack it.
Few other finds   Couple Crushed Velvets       Pop on 3Sixteens...a little rough though, someone cuffed them and left them long enough to drag and wore holes.  
One cool find yesterday...   PRL Smoking Jacket    
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