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@aneki 0-$10.
Not the most valuable thing, but i thought it was cool  
 Similar situation, was excited my new pipe for my motorcycle was supposed to be here, we've got parcel lockers, i get the box out, i'm like wow that seems small...i got plush chickens.   Realize its addressed to a guy across the street, I assume the mailman accidentally swapped parcel keys, i'm going to hold his plush chickens hostage though until i get my pipe!
Anything special? No markings but i thought they were cool     Its like a frame inside a frame
 Made in England?  Better pics would help but possibly shell...ALM46121?
 There's a lot of the leather that doesn't sell well too.
Just a few finds today, stores just seem stagnant     Jean Shop, 32's, would trade for something similar in a 36   Invertere Coat, never heard of until someone posted the other day       Lilly Pulitzer Linen       DAD JEANS!     Bean Boots, no size marked, that should be fun...     Harley Jacket, wish it was leather       And an E-thrift, Church's Alligator, (N/A)     Speaking of E-thrift, need to vent   Lady lists shoes for...
 I'm game, I e-thrift like a boss.
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