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 I'm guessing shell, are they LB Sheppard models?
Need a seasoned Houston thrifter to PM me, got a couple quick questions   thanks
Hit one store Saturday, they had some oddities in the showcase, I ended up buying 2 bolo ties and one belt buckle, left this other belt buckle that had all these blue stones but it was like 20-30 of them and was kind of ugly. Doing some research on what I did buy and realized those blue stones are turquoises and that was easily the most valuable piece. 
I find it fascinating that the Maserati has the same touch screen as my Dodge.
 Tan Burnished Calf if you need the color.  100% sure.
  Look like Ralph Lauren Sanderson model, made by AE, not Purple Label.
Half Norfolk, Full would have the belt in the front
The time to buy is when you see it!  Don't think twice!  Probably not smart to drink and ebay...but i think I can do ok on these, they're wild   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Salvatore-ferragamo-shoe-/252367981179?hash=item3ac24dca7b:g:z9wAAOSwE3BXFYF1
 Looks like Sullivan pants in Harvest Gold, had a pair about a month ago.  Not super valuable, but sell.
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