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Sargent on the boots MJ
Can't remember the last time I actually posted pics of finds...so some high quality living room floor shots!     Clockwise: AE Grayson, AE Brookwood, Alden, Grayson Shell, Macneil Shell, Frye New, Church's Prima Classe, Donald Pliner       Belvest Super 150s suit *pop*     Back to front: Z Zegna, Zegna, Canali Linen, Hickey Freeman      3 Minty Starters     Camp 7 Vest       Patagonia, Brooks Brothers Toggle, Brooks Stormsystem   Bates...
 I did well with the really tall Olathe Buckaroo type boots, not so well with normal boots.
 You know you're a little obsessed with our hobby when I remember from 8-10 months ago that its called "Les Clefs" and is supposed to have 47 keys on it..looks legit to me.
 Not to be a dick...but you might want to learn how to use the ebay completed listings too...one sold for $25, and its listed again so it either got returned or never paid. for.
The Good...NWT Baldwins for $1.24 (half off day)     The Bad..."Santa Rosa Destroyed" models  
 I use the clear sticky envelopes for everything, even domestic...no need for sticky labels, no need to tape paper labels
One shell shoe
Looks like Isaia 7 Fold label
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