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 Yes, and i just noticed Alden is up to $703 on some of the shell models now.
I think i win...condom and vibrating cock ring...didnt kop
If someone size 10 needs some beaters...     http://www.ebay.com/itm/HANOVER-BROWN-LEATHER-WINGTIPS-MENS-10-C-B-/161476486345?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item2598bfa4c9
You guys started talking about liquor....my willpower broke...now i'm drunk on wed nite...thanks assholes
 I would have grabbed both those, there's some pretty old dated HF out there, but those are both recent enough to sell.
A rarity for the thread....pictures of things I found thrifting!   No name Duffel made in England     Womens Schott Shearling     Lands End Tweed with throat latch, suede 'bows     John Varvatos Suit     Scully  
 Glad I'm not the only one...makes "77 new posts" much less overwhelming when only 12 of them are shown.
  LOL, I do agree with you though, I find a lot of vintage stuff that will sell but high end stuff is few and far between and what little bit that is out there is usually dated.  I must say though, prices are good, $20 for a suit is about average which from the sounds of things is pretty reasonable.   Had a nice chuckle today when I flipped past a $79.99 Sean John suit to get to the $19.99 Varvatos suit.
 KC seemed to be picked pretty clean today...
One of the cooler 3 piece tweeds I've had      
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