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Not a thrift, but thrift funded today  
Just realized i haven't really thrifted in over 2 months, withdrawal kicking in.   But I E-thrift like a BOSS   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mens-Vtg-Ralph-Lauren-Polo-Brown-Alligator-Moc-Toe-Dress-Shoes-Loafers-size-9-5-/311264776521?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4878d39149
Yes Grenson, Stuart's choice I assume?  There's a couple Stuarts that are EG, but pretty rare.
 http://www.mockingbirdestatesales.com/Photos.shtml Found a couple pics, I'm too lazy to make a 200 mile roundtrip.  Dad said the boots were like $40 and i think today is half off.
Any of the KC guys hit up the Deffenbaugh Estate sale this weekend?  Parents were telling me there was 100's of pairs of Cowboy boots new in box and tons of jeans and other things brand new.  Sounds like the guy had a shopping addiction.
I try not to overcomplicate my tax situation, purchase everything with paypal card.  Pull a full year statement, it will have all my sales, all my purchases, all my other expenses associated with selling.  Then I take any day I purchased something and estimate mileage.  My mileage may be slightly easier as I actually have to make a trip to thrift, not just stop on the way home.
 They can't expect me to thrift all day and not eat 3 square meals!
 Can you add a picture of whatever markings on the inside?  Sometimes the font can help...
I wouldn't have guessed I would go from Missouri to Newfoundland Canada and it would actually be warmer here than at home.  Stay warm fellows.
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