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Anyone with a loud dinner/smoking jacket in about a 43/44L get at me, the more colorful the better
He either does this regularly or has about 10 different places to take pictures from what i can see in his other items.
Yes on Footjoy, I've seen snakeskin, a lot of lizard, I even had a nice pair of Alligator loafers from them a couple months ago.
Must be about that time to cover the world in tweed...
 I think thats the one from some Urban Outfitters brand
 I found a Paine piece a couple weeks ago, embarassed to say I walked by it for a couple weeks before i noticed how nice it was.  My little bit of research said that he worked for Anthony Sinclair and personally did some pieces for James Bond (Connerry era).  Nice find!
 You didn't sell a couple pairs of shoes to someone this morning using that line did you?
 Seems I recall it has something to do with factory it was produced, single number is mid 70's or before.
I think its been discussed previously, but couldn't find it...What's the disadvantages of changing your EBAY username?   Thanks
Super stoked about this find, my size even       Most recent label, correct?     Any way to tell composition from this tag?   Feels like Silk blend but would love to verify  
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