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I understand how the game is played when I'm a seller, but when I'm buying BINOBO, I usually make one good offer that I consider fair and would be happy to pay for.  75% of the time it works, 25% of the time, people instinctively split it in half and make an offer which I decline.  Then usually I get a message that says something to the effect of why didn't you counter.  I made my best offer the first time, if that wasn't good enough, then I'll move on.
Well crap, just got an email that one of my better Savers (and closest to me) is closing, last day is Saturday.  That sucks.
 Hope they fit, Sea Turtle is hard to sell...
I think you should have included "Dr. Scholls" in the title somewhere
 I had a couple stolen off my porch, sender was off the hook, I turned them in and got paid (max of $100 a package) 
Isn't that Chester Barrie Tags?
 They're basically brand new, insole, leather etc...they only thing I could think of is if someone bought them and wanted a rubber heel and had it put on new.  Trying to get a better picture of the markings to help out.
Anyone ever seen Crockett Jones with a rubber vibram sole?  Got a pair of "Made in England" with markings similar to C&J including "348" which is a C&J last...but the vibram heel is throwing me off...they are made for a different company.   Thanks
 Now you got me dreaming of shell...lol.  Had a pair of AE Cambridge in Walnut and some Walnut Sanfords that were both gorgeous too.  My wife thinks I have a problem with shell, I'm happy to buy shell (not even my size), polish the crap out of it and make $20 reselling just cause I enjoy bringing them back to life.
New Posts  All Forums: