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Had 5 boxes setting on the porch last week for pickup, I happened to be home because I had knee surgery and I noticed they were there at 1230 still and at 2 I got a knock from a mail carrier asking about.  I told him they were there an hour ago and he said oh, the other guy must have grabbed them.  Of course now, all 5 are showing no tracking and never show being scanned in; however, I have the confirmation from USPS that they picked up 5 that day.   I'm going to go...
 I think you are opening yourself up for problems for not much savings, the IRS is going to try and determine if it is "Ordinary & Necessary" for your business.  You could make a case but its just a gray area that i personally wouldn't bother trying to fight.
Another question, does anyone carry insurance on their "inventory"?  I would like to but I haven't figured out what kind of insurance it would be, my insurance company says homeowners will only cover property used in a business up to $2500.
Question--I've got about 300 pairs of sunglasses I need to get moved and I should have all listed shortly, but I've got a road trip planned later this month.  Has anyone ever tried taking inventory with them and shipping from the road and if so, how do you go about changing your ship from address each day?   I'm thinking I could box up at the end of the night at the hotel and drop off at some post office the next morning.   Any advice?
 Can't tell enough from that picture...you got an upclose of the handwriting or the heel?
 That person pricing was like screw it, i'm tired of seeing this shirt.
$40-$50 a pop easy, YMMV
  Kendall started 27 games in the outfield and I'm sure when he's warming up he doesn't use the catchers glove always...I'd have snagged it to add to my office collection of baseball memorabilia.
A few random finds yesterday, I don't know jack on women's but think i did alright    
Damn you guys!   I saw it like 2 mins after it went up   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mens-ALDEN-FOR-J-CREW-Dark-Brown-Leather-Formal-Oxfords-Size-9-5-/232084199064?hash=item36094bd698%3Ag%3ApSkAAOSwNRdX229B&nma=true&si=qESGQukwFQ0mJ9WjfvY0YLai3CQ%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
New Posts  All Forums: