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 Seems like more of a Fubu guy
 You had to pick the heartbreaking piece for me...that St Andrews thrift tag said "3 Pc" there were only pants and coat there...searched high and low for a vest.
 Well its more like 664 pairs...but I've got most listed already.  Not thrift though, a wholesale side hustle.
Massive Photo Dump from 7 days of thrifting---excuse really sad pics, no room in my photo room...still got 200 pairs of sunglasses in front of this mess. Everything is N/A for now as I sort thru what I'm keeping  [[SPOILER]]
^^ Shoot, didn't realize Untuckits had a following, I know I passed on 5 this week.
 You can loosely use that term, I've worked harder this week than I do in a week at my regular job! Had a week of vacation I had to use and no one could go anywhere with me so I went thrifting.  Dreading that part where I get home and have to thru it all again and start listing.  However, it will be like Christmas all over again because I can't even remember everything I've thrifted.
I've been on an epic weeklong trip thru a couple states thrifting non-stop, like literally 9-9...I think I've seen every major label on this trip except Isaia, still have tomorrow to check that one off.   checked this one off today, but has some damage on the back, but for $15, sure...       Full haul pics at 11 (November, not 11 tonight)  My Dodge Journey is FULL, probably 400  pieces total so far.
If I remember right, isn't there a way to just hide all your store listings without actually having to cancel them while you are on vacation?
Had 5 boxes setting on the porch last week for pickup, I happened to be home because I had knee surgery and I noticed they were there at 1230 still and at 2 I got a knock from a mail carrier asking about.  I told him they were there an hour ago and he said oh, the other guy must have grabbed them.  Of course now, all 5 are showing no tracking and never show being scanned in; however, I have the confirmation from USPS that they picked up 5 that day.   I'm going to go...
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