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 It's not super special, its VERY special.
I usually have no trouble id'ing shell, but e-thrifted these and wasnt expecting shell but once i got them i'm not sure.    I know nothing on Meermin, thoughts shell or not?            
And go...   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Florsheim-Imperial-OSullivans-Aristocrat-Brown-Leather-Oxford-Wingtip-9EEE-/112126126561?hash=item1a1b3ce9e1:g:uDgAAOSwdIFXxXdY
 I know how to read the articles.
 I would not have left in NIB HD parts that were cheap.
 Look good, as long as they aren't discontinued models, you can always google Alden model number to verify.
 I've had model number 9548 that were shell, but did get burned once with same number that were not shell
What's the current feeling on shipping to Russia?  I've sent stuff before with no issue but not of the $1k plus variety.   Thanks
Sneakerheads...anything special?  Can't find much online        
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